Monday, June 6, 2011

Má vào bệnh viện Sutter - Sacramento - 3/6/2011

Hồng chăm sóc má tại bệnh viện Sutter ( hình chụp ngày 05/6/2011 )


Sáng 8/6/2011:

" Here is regarding to my mom’s situation now.

Last night, she had another stroke that happened at 11:22PM in ICU. I stopped by the hospital this morning, talk to the nurse after I checked on them this morning.

So the dr. decides TODAY not to move her because of mom is still very fragile and her left side get weaker, she definitely has loss of balance in her after this second minor stroke happened last night.

Stop by to see her if you can… she love to have visitor. "

That this for now.
( Từ Email của Hồng )

Má về nhà của Hồng chiều ngày 14/6/2011 sau khi BS thấy huyết áp và đường trong máu đã ổn định!

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