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James Wilson

James "Shameless Seamus" Wilson plays mandolin and tin whistle in Stout Rebellion. His father, Jim, was a traditional Irish accordion player from Ballina, County Mayo, and his mother, Patricia, hailes from Dublin. James also plays mandolin, whistle, and tenor banjo for Sacramento'sWhiskey and Stitches and previously played in Poitin and Stout out of Corvallis, Oregon. He can, on occasion, be heard playing solo guitar and dabbles with flute, bouzouki, melodeon (button accordion), kitchen pipes (like Scottish Highland pipes, but quieter), and whatever else he can find. Simply put, he enjoys a good traditional tune. You can find out more by checking his website.

James Wilson " Bouzouki mandolin"



Friday, March 9, 2012

Tứ Đại Cảnh

Nhã Nhạc Cung Đình Huế

Ca Huế : Tứ Đại Cảnh

Vietnamese Traditional Music - Folk Song


Hòa tấu : TỨ ĐẠI CẢNH


Tứ Đại Oán

TỨ ĐẠI OÁN - Nhạc cổ truyền Nam phần Việt Nam
(Nguyễn Thanh Thủy & Stefan Osterjo & Hentik Frisk)

Tu Dai Oán is a traditional Vietnamese song. In this performance with Thanh Thuy (playing the dan tranh), Stefan Östersjö (playing 10-string guitar) and Henrik Frisk (laptop), this traditional tune is overlapped with free improvisation with electronics. The performance is from a Scandinavian tour in spring 2009 with The Six Tones, a Swedish/Vietnamese project merging traditional and experimental music. The video was recorded at Atalante in Gothenburg by Niklas Rydén.

Lệ Thu Thảo

Vietnamese Zither

Âm nhạc cổ truyền Việt Nam (Nhạc Tài Tử Nam Bộ)

Beauty Plays Traditional Vietnamese Music

Nguyễn Thanh Thủy : đàn tranh

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CRC - International Life Club


Vietnamese Teacher MINH DO & Takako Nakao

Takako Nakao (Japanese) -> "Shamisen" & Thuy Doan (Vietnamese) -> "Dan tranh"

Teacher JAMES STRODE & Thuy Doan, Takako Nakao, Anh Nguyen, and Chinese student

" Very happy !..."
"Asian Traditional Music "

Anh Nguyen

CRC - Tuesday, March 06/2012

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